descIntramural Sports

Inter-Fraternity League Policies

Section I: Structure

Director of Intramurals - Responsible for the administration of Institute and Union policy in the matter of Intramural Athletics.

Associate Director of Recreation Services - Responsible for the administration of Institute and Union policy in the matter of Intramural Athletics.

Assistant Director of Recreation Services - Responsible for the Supervision and execution of intramural sports and activities.

Sports Competition Athletic Coordinator (RPI Intramural Department) - Responsible for the planning, scheduling and coordinating all matters regarding intramural sports

The Coordinators are selected by the RPI Intramural Department following an interview process. If an opening occurs, the Intramural Director has the power to appoint a successor.

Coordinator – Responsible for scheduling games, scheduling employees, and tracking/running playoffs.

Section II: Participation

All recognized fraternities in good standing with the institute and Inter-Fraternity council at the time of selection of the leagues are eligible to compete in IFC athletics.The Inter-Fraternity League is a competition to crown the top sports fraternity of the school year. The winner is the fraternity who accumulates the most points. The fraternity with the most points is awarded the Barker Trophy.

Section III: Eligibility

Any Bona Fide undergraduate student who is a member of a fraternity, OR is duly pledged and is carrying at least twelve (12) credit hours of courses is eligible to participate in IFC athletics. Any Bona Fide graduate student who is a member of a fraternity or is duly pledged and is carrying at least nine (9) credit hours of courses or is registered as a full time student is eligible to participate in IFC athletics. Any Alumni of a fraternity is eligible to participate if they are a member of the Go Red Booster Club. Pledges are eligible to play, after they have formally began pledging.

Fraternities and their members are responsible for signing up and joining teams on IM Leagues before the join team deadline. After the deadline players will not be able to join.Social members of fraternities shall not be eligible to participate in IFC athletics. Alumnae are not eligible for IFC Sports. No person who has played in a varsity or junior varsity contest or whose name has appeared on a team roster for a contest at RPI, or any other college is eligible to participate in that IFC sport or its counterpart until the start of the next school year in August. Members of the RPI Baseball and tennis programs from last spring with NCAA eligibility remaining must get a written release from their coach that indicates they will not be participating on the intercollegiate team in the spring. This release can be received after the event should an eligibility issue arise. Rules and regulations for the RPI Intramural Program govern all intramural play, including IFC play, where applicable.

Section IV: Protests

All protests must be directed to the Coordinator for the corresponding sport. Restrictions concerning time of protests are as follows:

Protests concerning misinterpretation of contest rules or eligibility issues must be submitted via email to the coordinator who oversees the sport by 4:00 PM the next working day.

Any time when a matter of contest rules/ eligibility protest arises during a contest, the captain or manager of the protesting team must immediately notify both the official and the opponent that the game is being continued under protest. Both teams must finish the game (The penalty for not finishing the contest will be forfeiture for both teams).

Protests that are based solely on a decision which involves accuracy of judgment on the part of an official will not be considered.

Coordinators shall see to it that protests reach the appropriate means of effective handling.

All protests concerning misinterpretation of contest rules shall be decided by the Department of Intramural Sports and their decision will be final.

Section V: General Athletic Rules

Teams not ready to play ten (10) minutes after the scheduled starting time shall forfeit. If a team shows up late and both teams agree to play the contest it may be played with a win/loss being recorded, BUT the game must be completed during the allotted time.

The Director of Intramurals reserves the right to bar any player form further competition for any unsportsmanlike act.The Coordinator of the specified sport will assign officials for those games that require officials, and their decisions and judgments are final.

It is not mandatory, but highly recommended that all contestants have a physical examination before participating in any intramural game.

The Department of Intramurals assumes no responsibility for injuries incurred in the program by the contestants. But all injuries must be reported on the official injury form to the intramural office. Participation is entirely voluntary.Care for injuries will be that care within the limits of the established hospitalization plan in effect at the institution.Every team should have a copy of FIRST AID PROCEDURES FOR INTRAMURAL SPORTS (available in the Mueller Center Office).

Section VI: Points for the Barker Trophy



1st place 25 points, 2nd place 20 points, 3rd & 4th place 15 points, 5th to 8th place 10 points, Participation 5 points



1st place 15 points, 2nd place 12.5 points, 3rd & 4th place 10 points, 5th to 8th place 8 points, Participation 2 points

Any other sports added shall be categorized by the IFC Athletic Committee.

In Case Of A Tie

In a tie for first place between two teams, it will be awarded to the team who won their regular season match. If there were two matches and each team won, a playoff game will decide first place. In a tie for first place among more than two teams, positions will be awarded based on net goals for goals against or points for points against for the season.

In a tie for the final playoff spot(s) in any league, a playoff game(s) will decide the spots. In a two way tie for two playoff spots, the higher position will be awarded to the team that won the regular season match.

In the event of a tie in Barker trophy points between two houses after all events have been completed, the tie will be broken by the house that had the most first place finishes during the year.

Section VII: Penalties

The Penalties for a team forfeiting or missing a contest/ mandatory meeting shall be -2 barker points for every forfeit or missed game.

All IFC sports are divided into two parts, league play and tournament play. If at any time during league play a team is discovered following a written protest to have used an ineligible player for any game that team forfeits that game and their opponent will be awarded a win. This rule is retroactive to one game only! This places the obligation of checking eligibility on each team.

If at any time during the playoffs a team is discovered to have used an ineligible player at any time during the playoffs (by following the procedure of a written protest and subsequent ruling by the athletic committee), that team will then be dropped to last place in the league standings and shall forfeit all points. Any fraternity/sorority who is found guilty of using ineligible players will be fined $50 and will be removed from further Barker Trophy Competition until the fine has been paid. The penalty will be accessed at the conclusion for the league tournament play and adjustments will be made to the Barker points and league standings at that time. (Therefore any team who is under suspicion of ineligible player use IN THE LEAGUE PLAYOFFS will continue through the playoff format until the time that a decision can be rendered by the IFC Athletic Committee on the protest).

If a team is found to have used an ineligible player in Category 2, (Tournaments), they shall forfeit all points in the tournament, and be dropped to last place in the standings. Any fraternity/sorority that is found guilty of using ineligible players will be fined $50 and will be removed from further Barker Trophy Competition until the fine has been paid. Proper protest procedure must be followed when a question arises concerning an ineligible player.

All IFC sports shall be governed by NCAA and Special RPI tournament rules where they apply.

Assumption of Risk and Hold Harmless Agreement

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute does not provide accident insurance coverage for injuries received by Intramural participants. Each participant should make sure he/she has coverage either through family policies or the student insurance plan. We cannot emphasize this point enough.

By registering a team, team captains assume the responsibility of that they shall make their teammates aware of the various risks associated with participating in the activity. Captain's that do not agree to take this responsibility will not be entered into the intramural leagues.

Participation in sporting and athletic activities involves certain inherent risks. These include, without limitation, the significant risk of serious personal injury or death and the significant risk of personal property damage or destruction, and hereby assume all risks and consequences associated with or arising in connection with such participation. Participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless the State of New York, the Board of Trustees of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and their employees and students, and all organizations involved in the coordination, hosting, staffing and contribution of equipment and supplies, and their agents, servants and employees from and against any and all claims, damages, actions, liability and expenses in connection with loss of life, personal injury and/or damage to property arising out of my participation in the intramural program.