descIntramural Sports

Guidelines for Sportsmanship and Conduct

Team/Individual Misconduct

Profanity and/or any other forms of derogatory or abusive language towards officils, field supervisors, and other participants are non-acceptable actions of participations in Intramural Sports and Events.

Physical misbehavior, such as fighting, will not be tolerated when participating in Intramural Sports and Events. All participants, thus, acknowledge that they are subject to both removal from the team/league and disciplinary action from Rensselaer Polyctechnic Institute on any such occasion.

Team Captain Responsibility

The team captain is responsible for the actions and conduct not only of themselves, but also for thos of every individual member of the team and fan brought to each event.

Sportsmanship Ratings

Each team will receive a Sportsmanship Rating following a contest’s conclusion based on the discretion and perception of both the officials and field supervisors.Team’s and Captain’s understand that one individual’s behavior can affect the team’s final Sportsmanship Rating.

Ratings (5 being the best):

5 – Excellent: A NORMAL flowing game. No major issues from any team or its members. If the questioning of an official’s call occurs then it is done so in a respectable manner and only based upon rule interpretation. Both teams are respectable to one another.

4 – Good: Some continuous questioning of the officials’ calls and/or very few complaints. No warnings are issued, and teams have been, for the majority of the game, good sportsmen to one another and the officials.

3 – Moderate to Difficult: Teams or individuals repeatedly question the official and their judgment. An individual is issued a warning in any sport (includes a yellow card in soccer, technical foul in basketball, etc.). A team or individual is unsportsmanlike to their opponent in terms of fair play or communication.

2 – Poor: Multiple warnings are issued to a team or its players. An ejection may occur for an individual due to repeated warnings based on their sportsmanship (a red card, two technical’s, continuous unsportsmanlike behavior, etc.). Harassment towards officials or supervisors is continuous and abusive.

1 – Unacceptable (Ejections): Multiple ejections; verbal and abusive language towards officials, supervisors and/or participants; the game being forfeited or ended before its completion. Teams or individuals may be subject to removal from the league.

0 – Fighting: Any physical confrontations between players or teams. This also includes threatening or assaulting an official or supervisor. Teams will be subject to removal from the league, and subject to the possibility of being banned from all Intramural competitions for the remainder of the year.

Team Conduct – Meeting:

Any team receiving a rating of 2.0 or lower at any point must have their team captain meet with the Director of Intramurals or the Coordinator of Intramurals before the team is allowed to participate in their next scheduled contest. If the subject of the matter was due to an individual or multiple persons then the team captain may be asked to have those involved accompany them.

Individual Conduct – Meeting:

Any ejected player(s) will NOT be permitted to play in their next scheduled contest for that specific sport (this includes any ejection in any sport). Said player(s) must also contact the Intramurals Office to arrange a meeting before participating in any further Intramural contests which INCLUDES all other sports or leagues in which the individual(s) is involved in. This will be the responsibility of the player to take it upon themselves to arrange a meeting.

Playoffs and Sportsmanship Ratings

At the completion of the season a team must have an average sportsmanship rating of 3.5 to be considered eligible for playoffs regardless of record or league standing. Any team participating in the playoffs must maintain at least a 3.0 rating following the conclusion of each game. Regardless of the outcome a team’s sportsmanship rating could and will determine their advancement to the next round. If the winning team is removed from the playoffs based on their sportsmanship then their opponent will advance, but only in the case that the opposing team’s sportsmanship rating was not below a 3.0. If in any case both teams are rated below a 3.0 following the conclusion of the match then neither team will advance.

Special Considerations and Circumstances

Cancelled Games due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances - both teams will receive a rating of 5.0 in the event that the game cannot be rescheduled. In this situation both teams will be given a win for the contest. There will be no point differential awarded.

Forfeits and Defaults (pre-game) – a team winning by forfeit or default prior to the game will receive a rating of 5.0. Any team that Defaults (loss by default) to their opponent will receive a rating of 5.0. Any team that Forfeits (loss by forfeit) to their opponent will receive a rating of 3.5. Ejected Players – for any team where a player is ejected, that team will receive no less than a 2.0 rating.

In-game Forfeits – a team winning by forfeit due to any issues with sportsmanship from the opposing team will receive a rating based on their actions up to that point. The team forfeiting as a result of their sportsmanship will receive a rating of 1.0.